Our gourmet retail shop contains a variety of local products, snacks, specialty foods, party favors and more.  We frequently receive new high-quality products to keep your shopping experience fun and interesting.  Some of our more popular retail items include jams, sauces and baking mixes from The Stonewall Kitchen, Feridies Gourmet Peanuts, and a variety of potato/vegetable chips from Terra, Deep River, Stacy’s, Kettle and more!  We carry several varieties of gleuten-free potato chips as well as KIND bars – delicious and healthy gleuten free fruit and nut bars.

Red Wine

Menu Choices

Fulchino Mirabella Signature Blend (New Hampshire)

Available in our Marketplace and by the glass.  After years of perfecting the Mirabella Signature Blend, the result is a velvety smooth full bodied
wine with notes of black currants, sweet black cherry, vanilla, a hint of chocolate, caramel and orange peel.  The silky smooth Mirabella Signature
Blend melts in your mouth.  The tantalizing flavor leaves you anticipating your next glass.  As the wine ages, the complex blend of flavors will grow
in intensity and come to the forefront.  You can enjoy this wine before, during and after dinner.  Most importantly you can enjoy this wine all by itself.
Make your next moment a ‘Fulchino Vineyard Signature’ moment.

Fulchino Hollis Vino (New Hampshire)

Available in our Marketplace and by the glass.  This wine is smooth rich and has abundant notes of raspberry, sweet cherry and blackberry.
A lovely garnet color, it looks as appealing as it tastes.  There is a touch of sweetness up front and then a nice crisp semi-dry finish.  Hollis Vino
was created to honor “Our Town” Hollis, NH a picturesque small farming community in southern NH.

Fulchino Classico (New Hampshire)

Available in our Marketplace and by the glass.  Classico will surprise you with a wonderful bouquet and complex blend of flavors. There are notes
of black currant, black cherry, blackberries, pepper, plum, tobacco, leather, and a hint of chocolate and cinnamon. The notable tannins make this
a dependable accompaniment to any meal.

Bodini Malbec (Argentina)

Available in our Marketplace only.  Aromas of dark, ripe bing cherries and toasty caramel. Full and fleshy in the mouth with loads of ripe and
spicy red and black fruits. Firm tannins and great structure for such a drinkable wine with a long, persistent finish that continues to dance on your
tongue long after the first sip. This is one that you buy by the case to take home to amaze your friends and family. You can drink it tonight and pair
with traditional red-friendly foods like hamburgers, steak, ribs and pizza, and grilled or roasted chicken. Great all by itself too!

Battle Axe Malbec (Argentina)

Available in our Marketplace and by the glass.  Fruity aromas of cherries, blackberries and plums stand out against a background of fine toasty
hints from aging in top-quality oak.  Warm, intense and well-structured on the palate, with an explosion of fruit flavors underscored by light oaky
notes.  With it’s deep, inky-red color and intense, complex flavor – particularly the distinct taste of plum – Battle Axe Malbec has notes of
blackberry, pepper, tobacco and leather. The wine’s robust tannins make it perfect for pairing with steak.

Catena Vista Flores Malbec (Argentina)

Available by the glass only.  Concentrated dark fruit flavor w/ notes of spice, tobacco, mocha & licorice, velvety tannins, crisp long finish.

Irony Cabernet Sauvignon (California)

Available in our Marketplace and by the glass.  The Irony Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon opens with wonderfully fresh aromas of blackberry jam,
plum and red licorice followed by delicate rose petal notes. This full-bodied wine, with firm tannins and acidity, delivers blackberry and ripe plum
flavors coupled with hints of dried sage and sweet vanilla.

The Crusher Petite Syrah (California)

Available in our Marketplace and by the glass.  Aromas of wild strawberry, boysenberry, dates and a touch of black truffle leap from the glass.
It is incredibly fragrant and bright, a stark contrast to harder-edged, heavier Petite Sirahs.  Richly layered, you will experience flavors of wild berry jam
and red grapefruit rounded out with secondary flavors of rich molasses and a touch of warm baking spice.  Velvety, mouth-filling tannins guide this Petite
Sirah to a faintly sweet finish.  The bright fruit flavors of this wine are nicely balanced by its darker caramel like flavors and well-integrated oak.

Sexto Tera Alta (Spain)

Available in our Marketplace and by the glass.  Fresh, fruit-laden, spicy and quite distinctive.  This delicious wine captures the unmistakable flavor
and character of northeastern Spain.  Sexto is a blend of six different Spanish grapes, Grenache, Carignan, Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon
and the ancient grape Lledoner Pelut Noir.

White Wine

Menu Choices

Fulchino Bianco (New Hampshire)

Available in our Marketplace and by the glass.  A fresh, light, crisp, semi dry wine, perfect for all things Summer.  Notes of pear, peach, apples
and a touch of crisp lemon help makes this a very well balanced wine, that finishes with notes of roasted nuts.  A smooth, pleasant white table
wine, that pears beautifully with appetizers, seafood, grilled chicken, salads, cheeses.  A perfect compliment to the lighter summer fare.

Fulchino Frontenac Gris (New Hampshire)

Available in our Marketplace and by the glass.  This wine presents aromas of coconut, pineapple, peach and apricot with hints of enticing citrus
and tropical fruit.  A brilliant balance of fruit and acidity creates a delightful refreshing wine.  Old World techniques used in production, allow the
bronze skin of our Frontenac Gris grapes to lend color to the juice, resulting in a rich burnt amber color.  Frontenac gris, an excellent choice for
seafood, chicken and lighter dinner fare.

Fulchino Peach Vino (New Hampshire)

Available in our Marketplace and by the glass.  This scrumptious Peach wine tastes like summer in a bottle. Made with luscious ripe peaches
from our friends and neighbors the Lavoie’s, this delicoulsy sweet wine is sure to delight.

Stone Fruit Riesling (Germany)

Available in our Marketplace and by the glass.  Subtle at first, but the plump notes of anise, fig and pear develop nicely and extend through the
ripe, juicy finish.

Casalini Pinot Grigio (Italy)

Available in our Marketplace and by the glass.  Intense, ample and persistent bouquet of fresh fruit and flowers. The taste is delicate and elegant,
with a crispy, dry nerve well balanced by aromas of ripe fruits like golden apple and tropical fruits.

Mionetto Prosecco 187 (Italy)

Available by the glass only.  This prosecco has an intense fruity bouquet with a hint of golden apples. It is very dry, fresh, light in body and well-balanced.

La Crema Chardonnay (California)

Available by the glass only.  This release shows vivid tropical aromas of pineapple, lemon zest and apricot. Bright acidity and lush citrus provide
the backdrop for juicy tropical flavors, while fresh, clean mineral notes punctuate the finish.

Kendall Jackson Chardonnay (California)

Available by the glass only.  Citrus-kissed flavors such as mango, papaya and pineapple explode on the palate. Aromas of vanilla and honey
intertwine to create depth and balance throughout

Four Vines Chardonnay (California)

Available in our Marketplace only.  The Original Naked Chardonnay sits before you unhindered by the buttery bonds of oak.  No barrel fermentation.
No other varietal blended into the wine.  Chardonnay for all its splendor truly Naked.  This Unoaked Chardonnay tastes bright and tangy with lemon
and nectarine fruit flavors that expand on the finish.  Crisp, clean and beautifully styled to pair with food.

Butternut Chardonnay (California)

Available in our Marketplace only.  Aromas of peach, hazelnut and spiced candied apple leap from the glass.  On the palette, Butternut exhibits
round, creamy notes of fig, butterscotch and sweet oak.  Butternut is like your mother’s chardonnay, only better.

Grove Street Chardonnay (California)

Available in our Marketplace only.  There are lovely fragrant aromas of ripe apple, pear and a bit of spiced apple and the judicious use of both new
French and neutral French oak barrels allows the richness of the fruit to fill your palate with the complement of a warm spice nuance. Flavors of
apricot, fig and melon are topped off with ripe apple and the finish is long and well balanced with a burst of refreshing, palate cleansing acidity. A
wine of excellent balance that is well suited for a diverse range of foods and flavors, especially grilled seafood and roast chicken.


We offer a wide selection of organic coffee – freshly roasted at A&E Custom Coffee Roastery in Amherst, NH. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in our café or purchase our coffee beans by the pound. We will be happy to grind the coffee beans to your liking.

Menu Choices

Decaf Timor

A water processed coffee featuring a full flavor, full body and a sweet, lingering finish.


One of the more distinct coffees; this provides a rich, resonant flavor with a full body and an ashy lingering finish.


A dry processed coffee with a sweet aroma, medium body and a mellow, lingering finish.


A classic among coffees, roasted to highlight its brightness with a clean crisp finish.

Hawaiian Kona

100% Fancy Kona offering exquisite flavor and smoothness in a coffee with very low acidity.

Tuckerman Blend

A bright medium roast combined with a robust French roast, this bold blend provides the perfect pick-me-up.

Extra Touch Gourmet Blend

A unique blend that’s packed with flavor yet smooth and delicious.  It has a pop of flavor out front and a nice, lingering finish.